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Yes, Hob Nob Home was a home interior and decor store in Wayne, PA, but is now a design site where I do still have some things for sale from the store. I do interiors of course! That is what started it all. I'd be happy to help you from "use what you have" to staging, to filling in the gaps, to helping you with only one aspect such as color. It is my lifelong passion and I guess my enthusiasm shows!

We won several awards in our four short years here. It was my pleasure to help so many of you with your design needs. I hope to keep doing so!



Interior Design and Decorating:

                Valerie Pogue, C.I.D., specializes in interior decoration and staging, bringing with her almost twenty years in the design industry. Of course, that doesn’t count moving around her mother’s furniture at the age of ten! She enjoys helping her clients "use what they have"as well as refining color selection and correction. The new "use what you have" is nothing new to her. When you can't bring in anything new, you will change it all up to feel new again! Her artistic ability, coupled with her energetic, warm personality is a welcome addition to any design project. She can work around any of your needs and restrictions in order to make any project feel fresh and new.

                Whether you are thinking of decorating, renovating, or just giving your home a fresh new look, Valerie will help you create the home you want that best suits your lifestyle. Show off your home at its best! Sometimes you don't need an entire redo, but just enough to 'kick it up a notch' and bring it into the present time. Time warp? She'll take care of that!!

                Valerie will also come to your home or office to answer your specific questions and help you solve your decorating 'dilemmas'. She can also bring items from the store for you to try out. Please call her or email her for more information.



             We love working with designers! Please talk to Valerie at the store or give her a call.  You will need to provide a copy of your up-to-date tax ID, business card & recent paid sales order or credit card statement. Please don't hesitate to speak with us; we look forward to working with you!        


        Before putting your home on the market, Valerie will work with you to create the best first impression. After analyzing your home, Valerie will work with you to put your best 'face' on.  This will maximize your home’s best features, and turn problem areas into positive spaces! Don't neglect the front of your home  for the "curb appeal" factor! Let Valerie's recommendations help you get the most value out of your home. Remember: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple...) and it should all work out wonderfully!