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Yes, Hob Nob Home was a home interior and decor store in Wayne, PA, but is now a design site where I do still have some things for sale from the store. I do interiors of course! That is what started it all. I'd be happy to help you from "use what you have" to staging, to filling in the gaps, to helping you with only one aspect such as color. It is my lifelong passion and I guess my enthusiasm shows!

We won several awards in our four short years here. It was my pleasure to help so many of you with your design needs. I hope to keep doing so!




Ongoing Holiday Sale

Accessories, Furniture, Wall Decor, Lamps on sale during this time. 10% up to 50% off on items throughout the store!



One of our two nativities. this is the smaller of the two, and only $58.00.


Black Friday Weekend Sale


20% off this weekend including Sunday. Extended hours. Friday & Saturday 10-5, Sunday 12-4. Furniture not already on sale take 10% off. Plenty of extra items on sale even higher. 50% off Room. All holiday stems 50% off.



Flickering Flame Candles!!

     Just got them in and they are selling, especially the 8" tapers. I am going to have to reorder the tapers already! Imagine being able to put candles in your wall sconce candelabras for the first time with no mess, no worries, no smoke and on a timer!! Major big deal for those who would like to enjoy their wall candelabra for a change!!

The tapers come in 8" only, color Ivory. Aren't they dreamy??!! No fuss, No muss!! 2AA batteries insert in the base very easily. One click is on/off, one long click is for the timer; 5 hours on, 19 hours off. What'll they think of next?!!

Here is another little trio for you: little battery trees that you can put on your buffet tables, consoles, mantels, etc. Take 3 AA's, lasts a very long time! The little tree is $6.00 and the larger one is $18.50!

Candle Pricing: The 9" pillar is $45.00, the 7" is $40.00, the 5" is $35.00 and the tapers are $26.00 each. I think I am the least expensive around. Less expensive than last year definitely!!

Call me if you want to buy any over the phone and I can hold them for you!! I'll try and post a video next time so you can see the flame moving!!

Thanks, see you soon,




Hasn't it been wonderful so far?


We have been so lucky with the balmy temperatures and sunny skies. Seems like it is starting to get serious these past few days now. It is really putting us all in the mood for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which isn't very far away now. I'll be posting extended hours for November soon too!

If you haven't been in lately, I painted a bit to add a little pizazz and fun. I'll add a few pics here so you Acan see. If you see anything that you want, call me and I can let you know if it is still here!



So adorable the boy and girl on crows, only a couple left! Only one spider left too!


 I couldn't resist! Big guy in the middle is my favorite! They are so cool.

The sunburst mirror sold very quickly so I moved a painting into it's place; see next photo. I am in love with this painting: don't care if it ever sells!! Actually, it is a hand done giclee reproduction with medium to heavy brushstrokes. It is pretty large, at 52" x 32".  It has every color of the rainbow in it, so it will look fabulous on any color wall!


Can any of you art majors out there tell me what artist painted the original of this and in what city it takes place?? I didn't know (I wasn't an art major though!), but it made sense when I found out!!

Here are a few more pics of what is available for fall at the store:




                                                                        A lovely fall centerpiece hurricane for a candle acorns.

 A tall majestic dried and silk arrangement suitable for fall or anytime of year for your color scheme!

Thanks all for stopping to peruse our website! Happy Fall and Thanksgiving to you all! God Bless America!!




Welcome Back Everyone!

 Hope you all had wonderful vacations!

     Jersey shore, the coast of Maine, the Poconos, the Vineyard, wherever the summer took you, we sure hope it was nice! The weather was kind of strange at times here, but these last few weeks have been gorgeous.

     We've been busy here, a little painting, a bit of shopping! Every week new things are arriving. It's been a lot of fun. We hope you like all our new efforts and lovely items for you to see, touch and smell! Hope to see you all soon!